Finally a collaboration tool for tech development

Built on the Notion platform, ConceptOS is an app for organizing and managing all collaborative efforts related to your technology development. Every detail across all departments can now be easily tracked and cross-referenced to move that technology from concept to commercialization. 

Key Benefits

The operating system to help your team collaborate and track everything as they take new tech from concept to commercialization.  

Works for Everyone

From accountants to scientists, you can easily onboard your entire team so they can efficiently collaborate around your technology.

Track Everything

New technology has a ton of moving parts. ConceptOS makes it super easy to track everything from IP to grant applications.

Customizable to You

ConceptOS is a template meant to get you up and running quickly. However, you can easily customize it to best fit your situation.

How It Works

Easy to use and intuitive. Your team will be up and running in no time.