Concepts to Commercialization

We provide tools & resources to help small tech companies move their ideas from concept to commercialization.

From Ideas

to Income

We help guide technologies at every step of the way. From initial research to revenue generation, our team is here to help. 

Concept to commercialization

While other groups might help your organization with one or two elements, our unique team of experts can assist with every step along the commercialization pathway. From funding searches to sales, we’ve got you covered. 

Advocates, not advisors

We create relationships. Instead of standing on the sidelines, shouting ideas, we want to be in the game with you. We are passionate about your success and offer dynamic tools and assistance that adapt to your changing needs.

Classic sources, modern approach

The pathway to commercialization is rarely linear, and you may have multiple products or applications to shepherd along those winding roads. Our Notion platform, ConceptOS, will help you organize those journeys. Our AI-enabled GrantMatch opportunity search and CommEDU will provide you with easy-to-use tools to kickstart a quest and guide you along the way.

Asynchronous, flexible approach

We can adapt to your schedule or give you the tools to work on your projects while we help as needed. Our products and services don’t require attending classes or seminars. We work alongside you as you grow, and our services adjust to your changing needs.\

Make Your Multi-Agency Strategy

Every agency is paying, so we help you take advantage of it. We quickly and continuously locate all relevant grants opportunities from every agency to increase your chances of funding.

Our Products

A tool to track all team collaboration around technologies, projects, IP, and resources.

An AI powered tool that quickly and continuously matches grants to your tech.

An on-demand training platform for all to learn about commercialization and navigating the grant scene.

Our Services

Grant Writing

We will outline and draft your grant narrative in accordance with your multi-agency strategy.

Commercialization Assistance

We typically work as TABA or CAP consultants to help with your execution.

Strategy Execution

Our team of professionals help deliver your milestones by offering sales, product development, and other actions that push your technology closer to the market.

The Catalyzing Concepts Crew

We’re a bunch of folks that have made a career helping researchers get their tech out of the lab and into the marketplace.